MUST SEE: Toni Braxton Reveals Sexy Secret Beauty Tool
Jesse Grant/Getty Images

A vibrator as a skin care device?

It probably sounds absurd to most people. But if you’re Toni Braxton then it sounds like an easy way to get the muscles in your face “activated.”

The award-winning singer revealed in a candid and funny beauty secrets video for Vogue that one of her favorite skincare devices is a vibrator. But don’t worry, the big purple toy has been designated solely for her face, so it isn’t doing double duty on any other parts of her body.

“I’m going to be honest, it is a vibrator, but I call it a face tingler,” she said into the camera. “Sometimes I put it in the freezer, it [gets] really cold. And I just rub it and it activates all those muscles.”

Braxton explained in the caption that her skincare “tool” has three settings but that she wouldn’t advise putting it on the highest.


Seeing how incredible her skin looks, we wouldn’t be surprised if sex toy sites begin to see an increase in vibrator sales over the weekend. We’re certainly considering investing in one ourselves, you know, for skin care of course.

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