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This $15 Stretch Mark Cream Has Nearly 6,000 5-Star Reviews on Amazon

Some users also use the butter as a hair conditioner.
This $15 Stretch Mark Cream Has Nearly 6,000 5-Star Reviews on Amazon
This article was originally published on InStyle Amazon users have spoken (6,360 to be exact), and they are obsessed with The Unrefinded Shea Butter by Better Shea Butter. It’s an organic beauty product that is known for helping with all types of skin concerns—like eczema and acne. And it just might be the break through in fading stretch marks that you’ve been looking for. What makes it different from any other shea butters? Well, this one is harvested straight from the trees in the Ghana region, and the brand leaves the butters 100-percent unrefined. That means your skin will get to enjoy all of the naturally occurring nutrients from the organic butters—unlike watered-down and processed versions. Those nourishing ingredients include antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and Vitamin A, which has been linked to supporting cell turnover and fading stretch marks.   You can rub the thick butter directly into your skin, or you can mix it up with your favorite essential oil for a customized scent and even more benefits. Some users also use the butter as a hair conditioner. At only $15 a pop, it’s definitely a great find that we’re adding to our beauty stash ASAP.