Skincare 101: The One Ingredient Your Moisturizer Should Always Have
Photo: Manfred Koh Photography/Styling: Anna Yakhnich

Of all the skincare tips we hold near and dear, “remember to moisturize” is among the most treasured. Granted, it’s a simple, but important part of your beauty routine. Those who value a daily skincare routine know finding one customized to specific needs requires a long checklist. Is it made with your skin type in mind? Is it affordable? Will it react badly to makeup? These key questions barely scratch the surface.

If you’re ready to get serious about your skincare stash, now is the time to upgrade it with a dependable moisturizer. This month’s BeautyBox includes a host of Pur~lisse products, one of which is a daily moisturizer. If your box includes this pick, keep reading for three things to keep in mind as you adjust your routine.

1. SPF is king: Don’t waste your time with moisturizers that don’t include sun protection. Contrary to popular belief, SPF is a must for all seasons.

According to Pur~lisse founder Jennifer Yen, “Even in the winter, your skin is exposed to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, which leads to sun damage.”

“Much like summer waves that can reflect water and burn your skin at the beach, during the winter, the sun reflects off of snow – even simply, clouds in the sky –  which can lead to a sunburn.”

Ensure that your SPF settles beyond the surface by waiting 15 minutes before applying makeup. If you’re short on time, combine with your primer or foundation instead.

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Manfred Koh Photography/Styling: Anna Yakhnich

2. Stay away from sulfates: The reason moisturizer is crucial to any routine is because it replenishes skin that has been dehydrated by sun exposure. Additionally, cleansers sometimes include sulfates (salt of sulfuric acid), the ultimate moisture thieves.

“Our Blue Lotus Cleansing Milk is sulfate free, non-soap, and even removes makeup,” says Jennifer of her Pur~lisse pick. “Moisturizer is an essential for all skin types, so if you don’t moisturize enough, your skin will overproduce oil to compensate, which can lead to skin trouble.”

3. Your  choices will evolve: Like most beauty products, moisturizer is not “one size fits all.” Your choices will change along with your lifestyle and age. For Jennifer, her skincare routine has evolved to be less involved.

“As the years go by, I’ve found myself needing products that simplify my routine,” she says. “Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer is my moisturizer and sunscreen-in-one, so I don’t have to spend time applying two  products.”

Stay tuned as we continue to unpack the skincare picks from our July box!