The Secret to Viola Davis and Halle Berry's Flawless Skin Is A $85 At-Home Facial

Search “chemical peel gone wrong” on YouTube to see the mini horror clips showing why it’s important to find the right facialist and at-home peel.
Halle Berry. Viola Davis. How do Black women in Hollywood keep their skin camera-ready? Are you ready for the ultimate beauty secret? Halle (seven-time ESSENCE cover queen) has been getting facials from esthetician Olga Lorencin for nearly 15 years at the Kinara Skin Care Clinic & Spa. And Viola has been sliding under Olga’s deft hands since 2014. At home, both beauties extend their glow with Olga’s affordable Red Carpet Facial in a Box ($85 for 15 applications; Davis used it to prep her skin for awards season—before winning her Oscar!—and even called it “the best facial kit ever” on Twitter. The Red Carpet Facial is a three-step professional-grade peel system that exfoliates and moisturizes skin in a short 20 minutes.We’ve been using the trusty kit version for three years and can confirm that it’s a fast, effective and safe way to get movie-star skin. Still need more convincing? Check out Lorencin’s facial tips below. ESSENCE: What are the most common skin issues you see for women of color? Olga Lorencin: Regardless of color, hyperpigmentation can affect those with darker complexions as well as those with lighter skin tones. However, those with darker complexions face more challenges when trying to combat hyperpigmentation. For example, laser treatments are not a treatment of choice for anyone with darker complexions. Solutions are really dependent on skin type, so there isn’t a simple answer to skin concerns.
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ESSENCE: What should I look for in an esthetician/facialist? O. L.: Look for someone who will really take an interest in your individual skin care. Be cautious of anyone trying to sell you a “one-size-fits-all” product regimen. ESSENCE: How often should I get a facial? What kind of facial should it be? O. L.: This really depends on your skin type. If you’re looking to maintain the skin you currently have, a facial every 6 weeks is ideal. If you’re looking to address specific concerns such as congested skin or hyperpigmentation, or to bring balance to sensitized or environmentally challenged skin, it may be necessary to work with your esthetician more frequently—say, every 2-4 weeks. The right facial depends on your skin type, but a few of our favorites at Kinara are Microdermabrasion Treatment ($235 for 50 mins) for oily and congested skin, HydraFacials ($235 for 50 mins) for hyperpigmented or dehydrated complexions, and Microcurrent [aka Non-Surgical Facelift] ($300 for 50 mins) is an excellent option for mature skin or anyone looking to tighten and firm. The results can be seen almost immediately, with more improvement after every treatment. And the right peel can do wonders for, really, any skin type.


ESSENCE: Why did you create Red Carpet Facial Kit? O. L.: The Red Carpet Facial Kit was designed to mimic the treatment my celebrity clients have been relying on for years prior to their red-carpet events. I have been seeing Halle [Berry] for years and she has certainly been an inspiration…It’s all about getting an instant glow without the side effects. For clients looking for that in-spa treatment at home, the Red Carpet Facial in a Box delivers the same results. ESSENCE:What will Red Carpet Facial specifically do for my skin? O. L.: One of the great things about the Red Carpet Facial is that, depending on your skin type, there are many ways to use it. For oilier skin types, we always recommend clients start with the Red Carpet Two Week Challenge—it’s a great wake-up call for dull and congested skin. For normal to dry complexions, or anyone looking for preventative care, the anti-aging ingredients in the Red Carpet Facial offer benefits that only increase with consistent weekly use.  One of the biggest things I tell my clients is that if your skin is not exfoliated, the products you are using are not able to penetrate and do their job. The Red Carpet Facial starts by dissolving build-up with Step 1: Peel. This gives the skin a chance to really benefit from the concentration of ingredients found in Step 3: Polishing Mask. [Safety tip: Don’t leave the peel on for longer than recommended.] The peel and the neutralizer (Step 2) further refine, hydrate and gives the skin the illumination you want. [Note: After applying the neutralizer, your face will feel warm or hot. Don’t be scared—it’s normal!] The polishing mask is then able to infuse the skin with a powerhouse of anti-aging ingredients for long-term benefits—reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, evening-out of skin tone and more. Learn more about the A list-approved skin saver here