From The Pros: Will My Eyebrows Ever Grow Back?
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If one too many at-home brow tweezing sessions have left your brows sparser than you’d like, fret not.  You can get them to grow back with the right techniques and a lot of patience.  We enlisted the advice of Rachel Odem, a Chicago-based aesthetician and creator of the Brow Guru Kit, to share her top five tips on growing lush, beautiful brows.

1.  Eliminate all waxing and tweezing.   “We tend to overdo it when it comes to plucking and tweezing, so it’s best to stop altogether,” says Odem.  “Believe it or not, a razor is the best way to maintain your shape while growing out your brows.  This can actually encourage re-growth, similar to how shaving your legs or anywhere else on the body produces thicker hair when it grows back.”

2. Exfoliate and massage your brow area.  “This will encourage those follicles to start producing more hair,” says Odem.  Find a gentle exfoliant specifically for the face. You can also make your own exfoliant using a pinch brown sugar mixed with a teaspoon of Jamaican Black Castor Oil, an oil that is known for stimulating hair growth.

3. Leave your brow maintenance to the pros.  “A professional aesthetician with experience in shaping brows can help you find a flattering shape during that in-between stage,” says Odem.  “You can get a professional to tint your brows which will make your brows look a lot fuller and lasts up to two weeks.”  You may also want to consult your dermatologist if you’re not seeing regrowth after a few months.  A medical professional can recommend a prescription hair growth serum if needed.

4. Go light on the brow pencil.  “You don’t want to overdraw on your brows because that will draw more attention to them if they’re thinning,” advises Odem.  “Always use light, short pencil strokes on your brows.  You can also use an eyebrow powder for a softer, natural look.” 

5. Regrow from the inside out.  “Your hair growth depends on a lot of factors, including stress and nutrition,” says Odem.  The same foods that encourage growth on your head can lead to fuller brows.  Incorporate nutrient-rich foods containing protein and omega 3 fatty acids have been proven to stimulate hair growth.

Rachel Odem is a licensed aesthetician, skin therapist and makeup artist who enjoys sharing beauty education via her blog and YouTube channel. She is also the creator of the Brow Guru Kit and has a thriving skin care practice in Chicago, IL.

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