How To Stop Popping Pimples In The Deadly Triangle Zone

Like stretch marks and cellulite, no one is immune from the ocassional breakout. Despite the neverending onslaught of beauty treatments available, an instant pimple zapper still doesn’t exist.

So, we continue the age-old tradition of using our fingertips to squeeze them into non-existence. Spoiler alert: this will only leave you with acne scars and even more pimples. What will it take for us to put a stop to our dirty little habit? According to a recent Your Tango story, the possibility of death might just do the trick.

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As it turns out, popping pimples in the area between the corners of the mouth to the bridge of the nose, otherwise known as the “danger triangle,” is potentially deadly. 

“The blood vessels in this area drain to the back of your head. If you innocently pop a pimple in the danger triangle and it becomes (knock on wood) infected, that can lead to stuff like loss of vision, meningitis, a brain abscess, or even death.”

Yikes! This is the last thing a person wants to hear while nursing a breakout, but truth of the matter is, a lot of us will continue to pop on-the-go. News flash: it’s a major no-no. Instead, invest in an overnight treatment that will do the dirty work for you. See five of our favorites below. 

Peter Thomas Roth Acne-Clear Invisible Dots ($30, are infused with a concentrated amount of salycylic acid, tea tree oil and hyaluronic acid that will diminish pimples and replenish that same area with moisture so it doesn’t dry out. The clear applicators also won’t get in the way of your nighttime selfies. 

philosophy’s Clear Days Ahead Overnight Repair Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment Pads ($42, are also infused with salycylic acid, but should be reapplied throughout the day. If you have super dry skin, start out using just once a day and gradually work you way up, depending on the initial reaction. The on-the-go pad applicators are super convenient and perfect for your gym bag.

Osmia Organics Spot Treatment ($22, includes a powerful blend of essential oils that will combat bacteria and prevent flaking during the healing process. It’s perfect for sensitive skin types and works before a pimple even hits the surface of the skin. 

Apply Malin + Goetz’s  NIghttime Acne Treatment ($22, with a cotton swab directly to blemishes. The star ingredient, sulfur, is an ideal pimple preventor for oily skin types. 

Suitable for all skin types, the Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment ($7, is made with an oil-free formula for those who are concerned about greasy buildup. The affordable drugstore pirce doesn’t hurt either!