The One Skincare Product To Keep in Your Bag All Summer

Black may not crack, but it’s definitely susceptible to sun damage. And, contrary to popular belief, yes, people of color can still be subjected to melanoma, sunspots and other things that may lead to skin cancer. If you’re like me, you’ve heard these things over and over and yet somehow, you still manage to leave the house every morning confident—or perhaps hopeful— that you won’t have to worry about sun damage or skin cancer down the line. Many people of color are hesitant to wear an SPF about 15 (or at all) because of the chalky residue (titanium dioxide) in SPFs never seem to blend seamlessly into our skin. 

Any dermatologist will tell you that sun protection is the first and most important aspect of skin care. And, while is important to protect your body from the sun, the skin on your face is often thinner, more delicate and directly effected by the sun on a daily basis. Enter Fresh’s new Sugar Sport Treatment Stick, and you get all of the recommended coverage that you need (SPF 30) without the chalky blending issues. The balm-y treatment glides smoothly over skin offering maximum protection and nourishing agents (think: grapeseed oil and carnauba wax) and will even give you a dewy glow (win-win!) So before you head outside, protect your face and tuck your stick in your bag for reapplication later.

Fresh Sugar Sport SPF 30 Treatment Stick $25, at

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