Now Booking a Massage Is As Easy As Getting an Uber

It’s fair to say that most women don’t take enough time to pamper themselves; probably because they don’t have the time. Between work, husband and mommy duties, it’s a wonder that you even have the time to make it out of the house looking put together, much less head to a spa to book a massage. 

The latest addition to the on-demand beauty app scene is called Soothe and it’s your instant access to calm on days when you actually have an hour or two to yourself to squeeze in a massage. Available in 21 cities in the US and London, Soothe delivers on-demand massages from licensed, vetted and certified massage therapists wherever you are. And, you don’t have to book far in advance, just an hour before you’d like your massage and Soothe will do the rest. Treatments last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours and are offered at a fixed rate 24 hours a day. And, since gratuity is included in the fixed rate, you never have to worry about having cash on hand. 

So whether you’re taking some ME time or having a pamper party with your friends, your time can fianlly be about you—you don’t even have to change out of your pajamas.

You can download Soothe for free for iOS and Android or book online.