According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults need seven hours or more of sleep per night. But most of us are lucky if we’re getting even close to five or six. And between being “on” for work at all times (thank you technological advances), content streaming services, and the 24/7 social media loop, we have more distractions than ever before that affect our ability to get quality sleep.

I am one of those people who opens Instagram the moment my head hits the pillow. I never snooze my Slack notifications. And I have an unhealthy need to keep my inbox low. I’m truly unsuccessful in the latter, yet it still keeps me up at night. My sleep habits are terrible.

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I recently went to a launch for new skincare brand BYNACHT and discovered their Perfect Nacht Sleeping Balm. Founder Jessica Hoyer came up with the idea for the product when she found herself at a serious lack of sleep between work and constant travel for work. Because melatonin is illegal in Germany, where she’s from, she had to use a natural remedy that would be just as effective.

But for Hoyer, it wasn’t just about getting sleep, it was about getting beauty rest, as lack of sleep was taking a toll on her appearance. The sleep-enhancing aromatherapeutic balms in her brand’s product line are formulated to help our bodies activate their natural skin renewal systems. Hoyer’s dream is that when we say we’re getting our beauty sleep, it’s quite literal when we use her products.

Is This $90 Sleeping Balm Worth The Coins?

But $90 is a whole bill, so I had to try it before you buy it. And I tried it on a week when I was getting a cold and my menstrual cramps were at a level 10 out of 10. The balm had quite the challenge. I was skeptical at first because the idea of putting a balm on my pulse points to get me to sleep seemed laughable. But the blend of essential oils must be potent, because I tried the balm for a week and it was successful.

The first night the balm helped me get to sleep with ease, but with all my coughing and cramping, I woke up in the middle of the night and had to reapply. But every night thereafter, I was able to get to sleep and stay asleep through the night. And when combined with an evening workout, the balm calmed me faster, I stayed asleep longer, and I woke up feeling well rested.

I still think $90 is a splurge, but it really comes down to what a good night’s sleep is worth to you. And as beauty sleep is concerned, the cost can be a lot higher than the balm when you’re consistently not getting any.