How Microneedling Cleared the Acne Scars on My Dark Skin 

I have battled with acne prone skin my entire childhood.

After graduating college I visited a dermatologist who prescribed Retin A, and that totally changed the game. But while it cleared up my skin, it left behind terrible scars that made me self conscious.

More specifically using Retin A left me with pesky boxcar and icepick scars, and I’ve been on a desperate quest to clear them up. 

Throughout my 20s I’ve talked to several dermatologists about my skin care woes but all were hesitant about performing certain treatments on my deeper toned skin. So when my beauty editor friends suggested I try EndyMed Intensif, a cutting edge treatment, I was super intrigued and knew I couldn’t pass up the chance to get rid of something that plagued me my entire life. 

I decided to try the treatment at Sadick Dermatology, since I was already a client and they are the leading practice in cosmetic and surgical procedures. Once booking the appointment, I was beyond excited about the possibility of having smooth and flawless skin!

The first step in the process was to go in for consultation. I met with a doctor who told me that EndyMed Intensif typically has a high success rate with my type of skin condition, since it treats stretch marks, deep wrinkles and acne scars like the ones I had. 

This particular treatment uses radio frequency to revive and rejuvenate the natural production of new collagen and elastin under the skin, with minimal pain and downtime. While I was told this treatment is suitable for all skin types, I was warned that there was a chance there could be pigmentation changes or scaring. After contemplating it, I ultimately decided to move forward with the treatment. 

The entire process takes a little over an hour. First, the doctor numbs your face (I arrived to the appointment makeup free) with a numbing cream. After the numbing cream has set in, it takes about thirty minutes, the actual procedure begins. 

A gold plated micro-needling handpiece, that contains about 300 microns thin, is applied across the face in circular motion. While I was warned that this could be painful, I didn’t find it to be. However, it was slightly uncomfortable kind of like getting your eyebrows threaded. 

After everything was all said and done, my face definitely felt more tight and supple, and most importantly my acne scars were reduced. Additionally my acne-induced dark marks had completely disappeared. So I’d say that EndyMed Intensif was a game changer. 

While I am still not ready to step out of the house makeup free, I am happy with my results, and would recommend it for anyone who’s struggling with the same issue. 

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