Eva Marcille Reveals Her Favorite Drugstore Beauty Product
Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Our favorite top model and beloved Atlanta housewife Eva Marcille stopped by Black Girl Magic headquarters to sprinkle some of her own magic around. While she sat with our Yes, Girl! podcast hosts to talk about the show, and all the wonderful things happening in her life, she also shared some beauty gems, including the drugstore item she can’t live without.

“I can’t have too many Neutrogena makeup [remover] wipes. Cannot live without them,” she said. “They are good for everything, even if you’re not wearing makeup and you’re on an airplane, just need to keep it clean and keep it fresh. Iman said years ago, ‘It don’t mean a ting, ting, ting if you ain’t got that skin, skin, skin.’ So yes, keep that skin right.”

Eva Marcille Reveals Her Favorite Drugstore Beauty Product
Eva Marcille Reveals Her Favorite Drugstore Beauty Product

Well, if Eva (and Iman) said it then it is so because her skin is always glowing. While her makeup artist Keita Moore aka Kilprity, who ironically also works with Iman, keeps her face flawless with the perfect beat, Marcille’s skin is naturally radiant.

Someone’s obviously drinking her water and minding her business. But fortunately for the young models coming up today in this changing beauty and modeling world, she still had some sound advice to offer.

“Study your business, study your craft, learn from the old heads, and then throw it away,” she said. “Because what they knew beauty to be and what they knew the box to be, we’ve never fit in. So be you, be beautiful, and if you don’t fit in the box, make your own.”