Essential Oils Could Be the Cure For Your Hangover
GETTY/ Art by Virginia Lowman

We get it: rough work weeks generally lead to Friday night happy hours, wine tastings on Saturday and end with a bottomless brunch on Sunday. But, after a few days of indulging in spirits, you may start to feel those unpleasant side effects like headaches, sensitivity to light and maybe even a little nausea. Even though your college days are a thing of the past, every now and then the turn up may be a little too real (cue Kanye’s lyric about “sunglasses and Advil.”) For rough mornings when you wish you’d used better judgment, we’ve got the perfect morning-after pick-me-up: a bath.

If your college days are riddled with taking care of friends who really made the most of an “open bar” invitation, then hangover rituals are not foreign to you (that whole coffee, shower, lots of bread ordeal.) In Jane Campsie’s book, Bathing, she reveals that the ultimate cure for a hangover (aside from hydration) is actually an essential oil bath, that she appropriately refers to as the “Hangover Tonic.” Here’s the recipe.

Hangover Tonic

3 Drops Juniper Essential Oil

2 Drops of Fennel Oil

2 Drops Lavender Oil

Add the tonic to your bath water and soak for 20 minutes. Follow your soak with a quick cold shower to rejuvenate the senses and up your water in take. If you’re really feeling depleted, Campsie recommends that you “dissolve two effervescent vitamin C tablets in a large glass of water and drink.” 

While the catchy name suggests that it only works for hangovers, this tonic+ vitamin C combo is also great from post work-out soaks to replenish and store your body.