This DIY Hack Will Heal Bumps and Ingrown Hairs On Your Bikini Line
Even if you leave your waxing and shaving needs to a salon or spa, ingrown hairs always seem to pop up. There’s nothing cute about them and when left untreated, those teeny red bumps can be seriously painful. Thankfully, irritation is one problem with an easy solution…and it doesn’t require spending tons of money. For starters, reevaluate when you’re shaving or waxing. According to  Deanna Renda, Founder of Naples Soap Company, the best time for hair removal is towards the end of your bath or shower so the hair can soften.
She also recommends grabbing the razor before going into the sun and avoiding the process altogether during your period. “Skin is more sensitive during your menstrual cycle, so try to remove hair at least three days before you are supposed to start,” she says. Exfoliation with a loofah or scrub also improves circulation and promotes the regeneration of skin cells. Renda says sea salt in particular is a gentle, yet effective option that will ease the hair removal process over time. And if you do break out in pimples after your next shave, consider going the DIY route to relieve irritation and redness.
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Start by soaking a cotton swab in alcohol-free witch hazel and preferably cold aloe vera and apply to the bumpy area. Once the witch hazel and aloe have evaporated, apply a few drops of pure, cold- pressed argan oil to the area and use a gentle soap to eliminate further irritation.
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And just like that, your bikini line is saved, just in time for the next beach day. 


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