6 Products to Even Your Skin Tone—ASAP!


Struggling with dark spots? We've got the remedy.

Virginia Lowman Jun, 06, 2016

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We love this because you can use it on face and body, for a better glow all around. Take it in the shower and use it morning and night to calm irritated skin and even skin tone. 

$38, at pcaskin.com

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Apply this after your toner and allow a few minutes for it to sink into skin to brighten dark spots and reverse signs of aging. Use it twice a day morning and night for best results. It has an AHA in it, so make sure you use a sunscreen as it may increase your sensitivity to sun exposure.

$88, at sephora.com

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We love a good peel pad to brighten skin and jumpstart cell turnover. The easy to use pads are chock full of glycolic acid, a gentle exfoliant that smooths, brightens and gives your skin a glow.

$48, at bloomingdales.com

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The heavyweight of solving issues of hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, two pumps daily applied to affected areas will brighten dull skin and even complexion. Cocktail it with a sunscreen because it may make your skin sensitive to sun exposure.

$90, at skinceuticals.com

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Give this hero product 12 weeks and your skin will be visibly more even. Apply it to clean skin after your toner and before your SPF.

$130, at skinmedica.com

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Using an SPF won't reduce the appearance of dark spots, but it will prevent them from getting darker. We love this formula because it's lightweight, blendable, super hydrating and has light-reflecting properties to give your skin a glow.

$34, at sephora.com