26 Beautiful Black Women Flaunting Their Freckles

Nikki Brown Nov, 03, 2016

For a long time, freckles were considered a physical feature exclusive to our Caucasian counterparts. However, anyone with eyes and common sense know this is completely untrue. These teeny speckled wonders, somewhat shrouded in medical mystery, also occur in brown skin. And of course, they look absolutely beautiful. In fact, we’ve watched faux freckles trend in recent years because women want to add the feature to their sunkissed look.

We’ll never get tired of seeing fab and freckled women flaunt their gorgeous skin, including these 26 beauties. 

1 of 26 @joyjah/instagram

Her speckled face is beautiful. 

2 of 26 @joyjah/instagram

And her bold lipstick is poppin', too! 

3 of 26 @ckwayie/instagram

From the honey-tinged locks to her shimmery shadow, we're loving these gold vibes. 

4 of 26 @kkelloggxo/instagram

Her freckled face is flawless! 

5 of 26 @red_tothebone/instagram

Pink lipstick and freckles: a winning combo! 

6 of 26 @queenof_freckles/instagram

Yes, her freckled slay is effortless. 

7 of 26 @bornintosin/instagram

We're living for her teeny freckles! 

8 of 26 @krissybrisco/instagram

Freckles galore! And her eyebrows are perfection, too! 

9 of 26 @stephischill/instagram

Gone with the wind fabulous! 

10 of 26 @malangomc/instagram

Her speckles are beautiful! 

11 of 26 @shanoahh/instagram

Yes, beautiful queen! Flaunt those gorgeous freckles! 

12 of 26 @shanoahh/instagram

She's slaying with a just a hint of freckles; love it! 

13 of 26 @g0ld.mami/instagram

We're obsessed with her freckles and lavender locks! 

14 of 26 @frecklez_n_curlz/instagram

Freckles and braids; loving this look! 

15 of 26 @parisswiththefreckles/instagram

Up, close and personal with this freckled beauty. 

16 of 26 @eeshamarr/instagram

Her fro and freckles are everything! 

17 of 26 @drsafford/instagram

This freckled beauty's posing pretty.

18 of 26 @91gstyles/instagram

Yes to her freckles and poppin' lashes! 

19 of 26 @sasha_oriana/instagram

Face on with fabulous freckles. 

20 of 26 @freckleyexotic/instagram

Simply beautiful. 

21 of 26 @makeup_by_krystal.a/instagram

She's serving the fierce in her freckles! 

22 of 26 @oggo.mecelina/instagram

Her speckles and spectacles are a fierce combo. 

23 of 26 @sincerely_voni/instagram

Come through with the poppin' red lipstick! 

24 of 26 @kea_freckles/instagram

Flowers and freckles; we love this! 

25 of 26 @stacy_wodu_mua/instagram

Her dewy, freckled face is drop dead gorgeous. 

26 of 26 @boogiesbrat/instagram

She's got that "lit from within" glow; freckles included.