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Sir John Talks UOMA Beauty and Inclusivity At NYFW

"It’s the modern way forward."
Sir John Talks UOMA Beauty and Inclusivity At NYFW
Moriah Ziman

When you hear that Sir John will be the lead makeup artist backstage at the LaQuan Smith SS2020 NYFW show, you make it a priority to be there. And not only do show up, but you also come prepared to take notes. 

After all, it isn’t every day, that you’re allowed an opportunity to learn from Beyoncé’s makeup artist. So there I was Sunday, behind the scenes, and on a mission to learn how to slay all day in Afropolitan makeup brand, UOMA Beauty.

On Sir John’s prep table, haloed in vanity lights, UOMA Beauty’s Black Magic Palette in Poise stood out. Sir John used the sultry eyeshadow pallet featuring rich earth tones, to create a fiery feline silhouette on the model’s eyelids. “This makes eyes appear more angular,” Sir John explained.

Sir John Talks UOMA Beauty and Inclusivity At NYFW

If you’re amongst the majority of people who haven’t mastered the cat eye, this makeup technique is a foolproof alternative.

I also noticed the brand’s Double Take double-ended contour and highlighter sticks tableside. For days when you have less than five minutes to do your makeup, “these are a go-to,” said Sir John.

Sir John Talks UOMA Beauty and Inclusivity At NYFW

The model’s and their gorgeous complexions were even more obvious. Each one beamed in UOMA Beauty’s Say?! What Foundation, which Sir John described as revolutionary. “Every color selection has a unique formula, and that’s never happened before in makeup. The foundation range has so many components that are revolutionizing the way we look at skin as a whole,” said Sir John.  

UOMA beauty offers the formula in six distinct skin color groups known as “Skin Kin” categories that range from cool to warm, making it easy to find your perfect complexion within the 51 shades available.

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When asked to share his thoughts on making inclusive shade range the new normal in the beauty industry, the artist says “It’s the modern way forward.” “Every girl should be invited to the party, and have a concealer, and a foundation that matches her. The call-out from real women around the world is what has propelled us forward.”

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