Simone Biles is a decorated gymnast. The four-foot-eight powerhouse may have five Olympic medals under her belt, but it’s her eyeshadow that stood out at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships this year.
As the 22-year-old astounded the audience with a triple-double, I caught a glimpse of her gilded eyelids and found myself entranced.  It’s no secret. I’m a huge fan of sparkle and shimmer.

As I watched Biles execute her daring floor routine Sunday night, admittingly I was also wondering about her beauty routine, and the pretty pigment pressed onto her eyelids.

Simone Biles Goes For Gold Eyeshadow At U.S. Championships

A close up of the gymnast revealed Biles medium arch brow position, amplified lashes, balanced cat-eye, and rose gold shadow for an all-around beautiful look.

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As a nod to the six-time U.S. gymnastics champion, I’ve rounded up the eyeshadows and palettes that will make your lids twinkle like the super star’s.