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Silver Streak: Celebrate And Embrace The Beauty Of Gray Hair At Any Age

Four women share how their gray strands serve as one their superpowers and how you can make it one of yours too.

If you believe that a silver mane is only for those who have reached a certain stage in life, think again. Gray hair might be associated with age – and of course wisdom – but it’s also incredibly chic, no matter how many birthdays you’ve racked up. Whether your tresses are completely white or you’re rocking a salt-and-pepper coif, the elegance is omnipresent. Four women share how their ivory-kissed strands serve as one their superpowers and how you can make it one of yours too. High & Mighty “It makes me feel as if I have some wisdom, even though I’m only 44. I’ve been through so much and God has totally blessed me, so I’m like, Girl, go and rock that gray!” says  Tonja, Age 44.

Buns In Bloom “Let your hair do whatever it wants to do. That’s what I did. Chemicals were ruining my hair. But then when I let it fo, like a flower, it just blossomed.” says Keisha, Age 46.

Eternally Edgy “My hair attracts everyone and everything. I enjoy being able to connect with other women, to empower them to embrace their natural beauty.” says Cerissa, Age 43.

Waves Of Wisdom “I love my hair because it is my truth. When I was a child, my mother used to say, ‘Your hair is your beauty.’ I always thought that was being really pretentios and vain. But it’s come to pass. It’s not so much that I think it’s beautiful, but other people think it’s beautiful, and it has inspired others to be true to themselves.” says Jo-Ani, Age 67.


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