Every Tip, Trick and Hack You Need To Save Money In The Beauty Aisle
Ruslan Dashinsky
If you’re anything like me, you know that looking good and feeling good are priceless.  However, the art of keeping your body tight, hair in formation and skin glowed up can be anything but. So, what do you do when you want to continue looking your best, but need to incorporate a budget? I’ve created an acronym that will help beauty lovers thrive for the 99 and the 2000… ahem…I mean for 2017 and beyond. T: Try styling your own hair: I’m pretty sure my fellow hairstylists are going to give me the business for this tip, but I am a firm believer that women should learn how to do basic styling on their own hair, so they’re not always dependent on someone else to fulfill their needs.  Save your money and learn how to do a few basic hairstyles from your stylist, friends or YouTube! *Please don’t try to handle all your hair needs though. Leave the professional services, such as chemical processing, coloring complex styling and trims to your hairstylist. Please.

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H: Have a non-negotiable budget for your monthly beauty needs: Having a firm budget supports your financial goals and opens you up to saving for other important things.  Having trouble deciding which products to purchase? Try asking yourself “ What products do you really need?” Answer honestly and put down anything that can be purchased at another date and time. Try using the app You Need a Budget to keep things in order. R: Read the ingredients in your pricey favorites and look for the equivalent in drugstores: Often times, brand named products have the same ingredients as the off brand ones. The only difference is price and name. So don’t fall for the okey-doke and spend more money than you have to!
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I: Invest in a steamer and quality deep conditioners: Healthy hair isn’t just maintained at your salon. It needs to be a commitment made at home! An at-home steamer isn’t just an excellent money saver, but also supports the penetration of products, provides moisture and helps to decrease dryness! Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. V: Visit your favorite beauty supply/drugstores and online websites frequently for promotions and sales: It’s annoying and the emails will fill your inbox. But, it will be well worth the space when you get your favorite products at a significantly lower price.

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Using a ton of product can have its drawbacks. Product buildup on the scalp can lead to stiff locks, excessive itching and flakes. Remedy the buildup with co-washes and scalp elixirs. 

E: Ensure that you’ve used all of one product before throwing it away: I’m guilty of throwing out a bottle when I think that I can’t squeeze anything else out, but the trick is to cut open the bottle and make sure you get all the product out first. As an added bonus, I’ve listed several hacks for shopping the beauty aisle of your favorite drugstores: Shopping at Target: -Believe it or not, the best day to shop the beauty aisle is Wednesday! This is when they mark down pricing for products. -If the price tag ends in .04, that means that is it a final marked down price. Snatch that product up girl! -Purchase an item that you aren’t feeling and want to make a return? Target has a pretty flexible return policy, providing you have a receipt. -Like to save big, but don’t want to carry coupons? Download the Target Cartwheel App that applies to all in store sale prices!
Shopping at CVS: – Returns are super easy at CVS. If you don’t like a product, bring it back with a receipt within 60 days. No questions asked! Signing up for CVS’ Extra Care Beauty Club will help you receive 10% off every $50 you spend. Shopping at Duane Reade/Walgreens: -Sunday is good day to go shopping, as their promotions for the week begin on this day. Pick up their monthly ad book that has tons of beauty coupons for your favorite cosmetic items. -Check out the top section end caps!  End Caps are usually found at the end of long shelf fixtures that are meant to engage customers through product placement or sales. -Be on the lookout for the Buy One, Get One 50% sales in the beauty aisle! These happen frequently with some of our favorite hair care brands. Happy shopping lovelies! Bukky is a hairstylist in New York City and runs a non-profit organization. Follow her at @bukks or @haironpurpose.


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