Why Mizani Products Are My Holy Grail For Healthy, Wonderfully-Styled And Versatile Hair

You’d think that as the beauty-sphere expands, finding hair products for any kind of hair type and style would be a walk in the park, right? Well I’ll be honest, that hasn’t really been the case for me. As someone who changes their hair at the frequency they change clothes, it’s been a serious challenge to find the formulas that can keep up with my rather inconsistent lifestyle.

You’re probably wondering, “So why don’t you just make sure your stash is stocked with product fit for every style?” Tbh, where am I going to find space to store them in my small, NYC one-bedroom apartment? So whether I’m wearing my hair in wigs, braids, silked-out or natural, it’s imperative to have a few set go-tos that are consistent — even when I’m not.

After years of searching, the trifecta has been discovered, and it’s all thanks to Mizani.

Style Shifter Society Wonder Crown Scalp Foaming Pre-Cleanse

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that no head of hair is truly thriving without a healthy scalp. As someone with severe seborrheic dermatitis, a.k.a, dandruff, I’m proof of that. Simply jumping into the shampoo process has never been an option for me — I often found myself doing the required pre-wash scalp scratching, hot oil treatments, the list goes on.

Then came Wonder Crown a foaming blend of honey, tea tree leaf oil, menthol, cannabis sativa seed oil and peppermint oil that dishes out a subtle tingle and some heavy benefits. It’s simple, quick, sleek and most importantly, is mess-free.

Now, once a week, no matter the style, I use the precise applicator and lightly apply it throughout my scalp. I activate it with water and give it a light massage to make sure that the product penetrates deep. Then, I go about my normal cleansing routine. When wearing braids or twists, I simply trail it around my parts, use a rat-tail comb to clear out any excess and let it dry.

Needless to say, I haven’t been worried about flakes for who knows how long.

Style Shifter Society Coco Dew

It’s easy to assume that this magic mist would only be useful for when I want my curls to pop, but I’ve discovered a few more uses for it. Technically a curl refresher, pre-styler and stellar moisturizer (shoutout to the coconut extract), I’ve found that a few spritz of Coco Dew before a silk press gives my hair a little more body and shine — the key makings of a perfect silked-out moment.

But of course when I’m wearing my natural hair, a much more generous amount is used immediately ] following my wash. It gives my hair the perfect amount of definition, hold and nourishment with zero crunch. Let’s face it, stiff curls are so 2015.

You want an idea of how much I love this product? I use it to the last drop every time, bringing it with me on every trip keeping it a fixture of my vanity. Frankly, I know the bottle is tired of me.

25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Conditioner

Rounding it out is a leave-in that actually doubles as a heat protectant. As mentioned before, my priority above all else is healthy hair. With me using heat tools fairly often, I have to keep properly protected — and this one shields against heat while also hydrating and detangling.

While wet, I spray my hair with the product (this includes my own hair and my extensions) and begin the blow drying process with practically zero knots or shedding. I’m often asked how I’m able to maintain such a frizz-free curl pattern when I use heat and to that my answer is always, “25 Miracle Milk.”

So if you’re an indecisive hair-obsessive like myself, take a page from my book: Invest in some Mizani, demystify your routine, and watch the clutter disappear while your hair game gets stronger. Shop all products on Sephora.com.