Just following the trending #BrownSkinGirl Challenge, another brown skin girl turned Twitter into a fan playground. Euphoria star Zendaya Coleman became the latest trending topic when fans took to Twitter to show their love, bringing back the popular 2017 #SelfiesForZendaya.

It seems that a super stan made the call to action to restart the catchy hashtag, with just 42 days to the actress and singer’s birthday, with the intent of posting 15-20 responses. Well, perhaps @parkcrjones wasn’t aware of the pouring out of love for the star that would ensue, but in just a few hours fans posted countless selfies with the hashtag showing off their beauty in celebration of her beauty, and including messages about how the star has been a role model for them.

And it’s not just for the ladies. Even the guys got in on the selfie fun. It went on like this for hours, and tweets, and even spilled over onto Instagram for a handful of posts.

With this many positive messages about how inspirational one’s been to so many young people, it’d be really hard not to feel the love. So it wasn’t before long that the queen who inspired the hashtag, Zendaya herself, responded with her usual cheerful disposition.

Simply put. And the answer is yes; yes they are gorgeous out here. Now, how do I make a Twitter account so I can’t post this selfie?


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