9 Rose-Infused Beauty Products To Pamper Yourself With Right Now 

Samantha Callender Mar, 01, 2018

While most people associate roses with Valentine’s Day there are other ways to use the glorious flower to brighten your day. Rose-infused beauty products bring benefits that range from soothing the skin to offering antiseptic properties.

A number of oils, butters, toners and face masks use rose extract to add an additional nourishing property to their goods.

Check out this list of awesome rose-infused prods to add an extra dose of luxury into your beauty routine.

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This toner helps reveal new cells to achieve glowing, bright skin underneath.

available at Nordstrom $58 Buy

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Get your glow on with this fast absorbing oil that hydrates and nourishes dry skin.

available at Sephora $65 Buy

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Use this facial at night to replenish cells and brighten the skin.

available at Sephora $48 Buy

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Get smooth and kissable pout with this gentle but highly effective polish made specifically for the lips.

available at Anthropologie $15 Buy

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Hydrate and seal in moisture with this rose oil that both hydrates and softens skin. 

available at ESYM $35 Buy

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Use this mist to soothe irritated winter skin. Can also be used as a primer before makeup and as a way to refresh weary skin throughout the day.

available at Target $6.99 Buy

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Not only does this oil hydrate, but it prevents and fights already existing wrinkles and fine lines.

available at Sephora $72 Buy

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This intensely hydrating spray does it all: It soothes, tones and tightens.

available at Sephora $32 Buy

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Get skin that’s touchable with this soft and hydrating body butter.