Rihanna Surprises Fans With Fenty Skin Reveal
Photo: Courtesy of Fenty Skin

On Monday, Rihanna surprised fans with the reveal of Fenty Skin, her second global beauty brand, and the newest beauty house under luxury goods conglomerate, LVMH.

The debut products from the highly anticipated skin care line—inspired by Rihanna’s global experiences, personal skin care journey, and unwavering mission to provide simple solutions for all skin tones and skin types—will be launching this Friday, exclusively on FentySkin.com.

Packaged in sleek earth-conscious materials and formulated with the best ingredients from around the world including Rihanna’s hometown Barbados, the line of simple and effective, multitasking products is her vision of the new culture of skin care.

“I wanted it to feel approachable, easy, and to take the pressure off choosing a routine, so I created one for everyone,” she said.

Rihanna, who felt overwhelmed by the myriad of skin care choices as a teenager, created three 2-in-1 products, collectively known as the Fenty Skin Start’rs, to get consumers started with the brand and to jumpstart their journey to beautiful, healthy-looking skin.

The oil-free comprehensive skin care system features Total Cleans’r Remove-It-All Cleanser, a creamy non-drying cleanser that removes traces of long-wear makeup, Fat Water Pore-Refining Toner Serum, a shine fighting hybrid serum that improves skin texture and the appearance of dark spots, and Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen, a refillable formula that’s ideal for every complexion, makeup wearers, and the camera flash. And each product features a warm, tropical scent inspired by their ingredients.

 “I’ve lived and traveled all over the world and I wanted to make sure that Fenty Skin represented the best of the best when it came to our ingredients,” said Rihanna of the clean formulas, which she includes in her real-life skincare routine for achieving a bright, healthy-looking complexion. 

To reduce environmental waste, which is top of mind for Fenty Skin, and to possibly make room in your bathroom cabinet for your new skin care essentials, Rihanna also eliminated boxes where possible, which means your skin, and conscience can feel good with every purchase.

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Grab the must-have skin care products this Friday, exclusively at FentySkin.com.


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