Some awards shows are a must-see for the competition, some for the talent and performances, and some are a requirement if oyu fancy yourself a fashion and beauty aficionado. Then there’s the MTV Video Music Awards. Once you’re over the age of 30 you feel a little too old watching it.

Part awards show, part train wreck waiting to happen in the best way (remember Kendrick Lamar and the literal firewall, the Miley Cyrus performance, the Kanye West-Taylor Swift beef kick off, Lady Gaga in a meat dress, oh we can go on), it’s still a must watch for the fashion and beauty if nothing else.

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This year’s red carpet arrivals were nothing short of inspiring. We saw beauty trends in the making as well as nods to throwback styles. Our favorite celebrities brought their beauty A games to the Prudential Center in New Jersey. Not even another flaming wall of ropes could steal any of their fire.