Oftentimes the best kind of real-world inspiration comes from the women closest to us — our tribe. So when thinking about the beauty habits we plan to kick or the products we pledge to use each day (like SPF!), we turned to the ESSENCE community for inspiration. To ensure that we radiate beauty (both inside and out) all year long, we asked 29 women to share their beauty resolutions. From super inspirational to extremely practical, their answers did not disappoint. Keep scrolling for a dose of beautiful inspiration. 1. Shari Brown

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“My beauty resolutions for 2018 are to step up my masking game and to drink more water.” 2. Heather Haynes  “Going natural is my biggest resolution in 2018! It’s the biggest struggle thus far, but I’m committed and scared AF.” 3. Kinesha Goldson “I plan on taking better care of my natural hair. I workout every day and the shrinkage is real, so I’ve been hiding behind wigs, but I want to pay as much attention to my hair as I do my skin and fitness.” 4. Jessyca Butler 

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“One of my beauty resolutions for 2018 is to actually tap into the sector! I’ve always been so honed in on fashion that I’ve always neglected beauty. I’m ready to learn and try new things.” 5. Dee “My beauty resolution is to clear away my dark spots and acne scars and to also reduce the bags under my eyes from the stress of living in NYC.” 6. Glory Edim “My beauty resolution is to get sufficient rest and work on my pore game. I’m currently obsessed with face masks and hydrating skin creams. I’m also committing to pulling out my Milk Makeup highlighter more.” 7. Naomi Elizée

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“My beauty resolution is to finally get serious and commit to a solid beauty routine. Working at a magazine I get so many product freebies that I tend to switch around products a lot and as a result, I never see the proper results. This year, I’m sticking to a few products to give my skin care a chance to work its magic! Oh, and to drink more water and take vitamins every day.” 8. Torin Thomas

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“My beauty resolution is to mainly use the products I have made. Also, cleansing on the inside with being pescatarian.” 9. Denequa Williams “My beauty resolution is to get a great night’s rest and to drink more water.” 10. Lizzy Okoro

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“SPF is a must. I grew up in L.A. and wearing sunscreen has always been part of my routine. However, I’ve slipped from time to time. Now that I’m in my early 30s, it’s non-negotiable. The second is beauty from the inside out! I’ve started to drink my way to better skin, hair and nails.” 11. Chaunna Michole

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“I’d like to be more daring with makeup. I want to try out some of those runway looks and spice things up a bit.” 12. Stephie “One beauty resolution I have for 2018 is relying on the food I eat to directly influence the condition of my skin. Clean eating for healthy skin, that’s definitely a resolution I’ve brought into the new year.” 13. Aileen Tejeda

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“I resolve to go to the dermatologist this year as part of overall skin health and wellness. It’s something I’ve avoided but know is just as important as other check-ups — especially as I get older.” 14. Darian Symoné

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“Last year I mastered the art of being intentional about my morning and evening skin care regimen in terms of what I’m aiming to try. This year I want to find the perfect SPF for my skin and become the lipgloss queen. Also, use more natural skin care products.” 15. Shanika Hillocks 

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“This year I’m focusing on beauty from within. As a beverage publicist and food and drink writer, I’m aiming to balance my evenings of indulgence with homecooked veggie-forward meals and tried-and-true water intake.” 16. Elaine Musiwa “One of my beauty resolutions this year is to be gentler on my skin. In 2017, I used chemical treatments and acids (BHAs and AHAs) to fade dark marks and smooth my skin. I’d like to also reincorporate natural remedies like oil cleanses, turmeric masks, aloe vera leaf, and sleeping masks.” 17. Mekdela Maskal

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“I’m focusing on consciously shedding western health and beauty standards and practices, while joyously creating a personal care routine. Exploring myself through changing hairstyles, food and skin diet, alternative medicine, and physical activity is a transformative delight.” 18. Malyia Mcnaughton “My beauty resolution is to make self-care a priority. Self-care is so underrated but I believe it’s an act of self-love and in 2018 I don’t want to treat it like a reward. Being an entrepreneur I tend to put myself last so this year I commit to spending a Saturday each month doing something for myself.” 19. Chanel Robinson

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“My beauty resolution this year is to only wear foundation over my hyperpigmentation.” 20. Evelynn Escobar-Thomas 

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“My beauty resolution is to step up my curl game and give it the TLC it needs and deserves. I’m going for maximum bounce in 2018.” 21. Perri Haynes  “My beauty resolution for 2018 is to stop taking so much time getting ready in the morning and use some of that time saved on other valuable activities.” 22. Krystal Elaine Scott “My beauty resolution for 2018 is to drink a little less wine and lots more water. The NYC winter has been so drying to my skin and running the heater full blast at home hasn’t helped. Drinking more water and staying fully hydrated would make my pores less visible and make my skin glow from within.” 23. Sheryll Donerson “My main beauty resolution is to wear more makeup and work on my makeup skills. Makeup was my first love before I became obsessed with skin care and I’ve let my love for it fall off completely. I work from home as a freelancer and I’ve gotten stuck in the whole yoga pants and messy bun routine. I have so much makeup that I never use. I’d like to start working on my skills again.” 24. Valerie Eguavoen “My one beauty resolution for 2018 is to challenge myself to see beauty in things that I have been taught not to. It starts with loving yourself and everyone around you.” 25. Brooke DeVard

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“My first resolution is to declutter all of my beauty products — either throwing items out that I don’t love and actually finishing what I have before buying anything else. My second is to focus on more holistic, natural skin care by making my own serums from natural oils like tamanu and marula oil.” 26. Alisha Acquaye  “I want to continue using rosehip oil on my face before applying my moisturizer and that I will continue wearing bold colorful eyeliner.” 27. Taj Alwan “Spending more time offline. Go on a family trip, hopefully to Ethiopia — easier said than done. I’d like to spend more time cooking and hosting friends. Lastly, I’d like to start my own company and find ways to give back to the community.” 28. Cristina Copin 

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“Focusing more on skin care and actually developing/sticking to a regimen. I feel like not only will it benefit my skin in the long run, but having a regimen is like a mini pamper session at the end of the night.” 29. Lauren Porter  “I really want to continue to maintain my healthy hair and find a good regimen that will help it grow to be fuller and longer.”