As Black women, we know all too well what it’s like to be omitted, looked over, and straight up ignored when it comes to representation in media.

Over the years, things have improved somewhat, our stories are being told more and with greater depth, yet there’s still a void when it comes to imagery that reflects who we truly are.

Dove is taking a stand against the overwhelming lack of radiant, relevant and inclusive images of women with Project #ShowUS. The unprecedented move, alongside Getty Images and Girlgaze, presents the largest collection of new imagery that provides an accurate and vetted depiction of women from all walks of life.

Shot completely by non-binary and female identifying photographers, Project #ShowUs aims to close the gap between the images women see everyday when engaging in content and those that truly reflect who we are.

Elaine Welteroth, award-winning journalist, author, judge and producer on Project Runway, knows a thing or two about the importance of images that reflect all of who women see themselves as.

“Images play a very powerful role in storytelling, especially in the age of digital media. As storytellers, we often rely on photos to tell a visual story that will reach even further than the written word. And yet, we know that 70% of women still don’t see themselves represented in mass media,” explained Welteroth. “Project #ShowUs is doing the important work of filling the gaps between how beauty has been depicted by men for generations and how real, diverse, everyday women from all walks of life see ourselves.”

The #ShowUs collection includes 5,000 images of 179 women across 39 countries portraying a range of different ages, races, shapes, sizes and gender expressions.

With the goal of true inclusivity in mind, #ShowUs allows women everywhere to expand society’s definition of beauty by sharing images of themselves to be included in the collection.

Learn more about this groundbreaking project at and check out the full collection of images at


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