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The Many Gems We Learned About Skincare At This Year's Essence Festival

Find out what you need and what to avoid in your skincare routine thanks to OLAY.

Creating the perfect skin routine can be quite an ordeal! From the use of crystals to discovering new key ingredients like CBD, the trial by error mission can become very overwhelming, time-consuming, and most of all costly. 

To help us put an end to the battle of creams and serums, Sr. Scientist for Olay, Markasia Black; Godfather of Harlem actress, Ilfenesh Hedera, and Dermatologist, Dr. Adrienne Haughton chatted with host Liz Smith to give us the reality about everything we need to know about our skincare. 

When it comes to sunscreen, Markasia Black says that women should be wearing it more often. “Sun protection is so important regardless of your skin tone. The sun’s damaging ways do not discriminate,” she shares. “Sun damage is actually the main contributor to skin aging across the board. And for dark skin tones especially, it can cause and worsen dark spots. So sunscreen is our first line of defense.”

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Dr. Haughton added, “When we talk about sunscreen, we have to think about skin cancer. A lot of People of Color, are not aware of the fact that we can get skin cancer as well,” she informs. “We develop skin cancer due to late-onset diagnosis, and people often have Stage 4 disease of the diagnosis and the risk of dying from melanoma is one and a half times great than our Caucasian counterparts.”

But good news! Olay Whips SPF25 boasts a powerful hydration and SPF25 that blends in on all skin tones and feels lightweight. In addition, it helps reduce the signs of skin aging — including dark spots, wrinkles, and just overall tired skin. The experts suggest use every day before putting on makeup. Yep, it will lay perfectly under that foundation.

On top of wearing SPF every day, there’s another product that Dr. Haughton thinks we should have close within our reach: retinoid. Whether it be the prescription or retinol which is over-the-counter, retinoids do a great job of stimulating collagen so it’s going to help keep you looking more youthful,” she says. 

She continues, “We have seen studies that daily use of retinoids can improve fine lines and wrinkles.” And of course, Olay has something for that too — like the Regenerist Retinol 24 Max Night Serum which penetrates and restores your skin all while you sleep.

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Ilfenesh, suggested that the best way to find a simple and cost-effective product that works is to ask the women in your life. “So you have a friend with gorgeous glowing skin all hours of the day and you say, ‘hey, what do you use?’” Well chances are, at least one of the products mentioned will have something to do with collagen, an ingredient that Olay has brilliantly mastered and has made available to everyone.

Olay has created the Regenerist Collagen Peptide 24 moisturizer to help strengthen and plump the skin. “The specific collagen peptide, are the building blocks of collagen and they are known to stimulate skin regeneration,” Black explains. “The Olay skin products with the Collagen Peptide 24 formula have been clinically proven to improve wrinkles.”

It’s so amazing to have these conversations and we look forward to skin products like Olay so that we can continue to protect our skin and watch it glow! Keep skin hydrated, smooth, and glowing for every occasion. Get glowing this festival season. Shop on Olay.com today to save $10 on any 2 Olay moisturizers with code: ESSENCE.