While many women desire to lose weight after childbirth to hopefully fit back into their favorite pair of jeans— and maybe fill them out just a little— the complete opposite was true for Tiffany Davis. “I had the desire to feel more feminine (curvy) and confident in myself after going through childbirth. I wanted to gain weight,” she tells Essence exclusively. “I just couldn’t get to a place where I felt like my weight was stable.” 

After tons of research on different herbs and products on the market to help women gain weight naturally, Davis realized that there was a gap in the supplement industry that she wanted to fulfill, thus Nutrithick was created. 

Within five years, the wellness and fitness entrepreneur built a multi-million dollar business with a holistic formula based on herbs such as Maca Root powder, which is known to increase fertility and boost energy and endurance, and Pueraria Mirifica, which aids in balancing and maintaining health and wellness goals.

As the sole owner of the GirlSupps brand, Davis feels that she has completely changed the world of supplements. 

“I think that women almost feel embarrassed to say that they had a hard time with gaining weight. Over 10% of the world is underweight globally,” Davis explains. “There was never a product that spoke to women the way that Nutrithick does. You see weight loss products all over but you don’t see anything that caters to women who would like to gain weight to be curvier.” 

She continues, “I came up with Nutrithick which is a combination of several different herbs. It’s a proprietary blend that helps you to gain weight. We also have ingredients in it to stimulate your appetite, but most importantly, it helps to make your body curvier.”

Nutrithick is a vitamin B complex that includes B1, B3, B5, and B6. It also contains Creatine, which helps to improve strength and exercise performance, as well as Fenugreek, which supports weight management.

The moment Nutrithick hit the market, Davis was flabbergasted at how often she had to restock the shelves. “We’ve grown so fast and impacted so many women’s lives that I knew that I had to allow this brand to evolve into what it should be by listening to my customers via their reviews,” she shares. 

Now that Nutrithick is a hit, Davis says that it was time to branch out into a company that provides products for women who have other health concerns that they want to approach naturally. “People were beginning to request other kinds of supplements, and I had to answer our customer’s needs,” she explains. “So Nutrithick is now GirlSupps so that we can reach more customers and have a greater impact on the market.”

Under the GirlSupps brand, Davis says that there is so much more in store for women who are looking to improve their health. “From collagen gummies to probiotics, and protein powder, I’m really excited to feminize the fitness community and to make it less intimidating,” she says. “Our product line is really there to support women on their journey to bounce back to their better selves.”

While Davis says that her products really do work, she believes that having the right state of mind is key to overall health. “I think it starts first mentally and spiritually and emotionally. You have to become more balanced in your thinking and in your heart,” she says. “Anyone can get their body back in balance if they put their heart and mind in check, in addition to supplements that support your goals.”

Davis, who is also a mom, says that faith is also important to living a healthy lifestyle. “I pray a lot. That’s how I start my day off, and I believe that it is the foundation of my success.”

She adds, “Be super honest with yourself about your abilities. No one becomes successful in anything if they don’t put forth the effort. Your health and wealth are intentional.”

We look forward to seeing the brand grow and continue to help women looking for solutions. To start your healthy journey, visit nutrithick.com


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