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Now This Is A Thanksgiving Manicure!

These festive fingernails are the ultimate feast.

We all know folks who love to go all out for the holiday season, and sometimes it’s to the extreme. Some individuals may dress up in an ugly Christmas sweater everyday until December 25, while others deck out their home is the shiniest lights. Then you have the beauty lovers who get festive with their hair and makeup, but we’ve never seen anything quite like the mesmerizing manicure that appeared on our Instagram feed on Tuesday.

It turns out there are more ways to take your Thanksgiving spirit to the next level than we thought.

Houston nail tech, Grabbers created a Thanksgiving-inspired manicure and le spread had us stunned.

“Yall wasn’t ready,” she captioned the post, and indeed, we weren’t. This is officially the best holiday-inspired manicure we’ve ever seen.