5 Sunscreens You Can Apply Without Touching Your Face


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Spritz this all over to not only get sun protection, but also set your makeup. It gives a soft, powdery finish without disrupting what you already have on. The mist is also super refreshing on a warm day.

To buy: $38; sephora.com.

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Replace your usual setting powder with this SPF version to get UV protection and help your makeup stay put. This formula is sweat-resistant and mineral-based, so it’s good for sensitive skin.

To buy: $30; sephora.com.

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This convenient compact holds a liquid in cushion form (read: no spills!) that you can press on with the sponge applicator. It's also super lightweight, so it won’t look cake-y when you reapply.

To buy: $15; sephora.com.

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This tinted formula ensures there’s no white residue left behind. Use it in place of makeup during the summertime or on beach days. It’s light and mineral-based, so it shouldn’t irritate sensitive skin.

To buy: $32; anthropologie.com.

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Keep this little guy in your purse for whenever the sun decides to strike—an impromptu outside lunch, walking to meetings, the kids’ game after work, etc. The nourishing formula glides on super smooth and is safe to use around the eyes and lips. It’s also great for those hard spots, like your hairline and ears.

To buy: $25; sephora.com.


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