Watch This Beauty Vlogger Create a Full Look With Just Her Fingers

As terrifying as it sounds, applying makeup without a brush is possible. And we’re not just talking about powders and foundation. Even the sleekest cat eye can be drawn on with a steady pinky finger. Before you call us crazy, feast your eyes on the latest makeup craze to go viral: the “no brush challenge.” 

In what could easily be the makings of a hot mess, YouTube vlogger MsAaliyahJay takes her face from bare to beat with perfectly manicured hands and nothing else.

What makes this moment so endearing and hilarious is watching Aaliyah’s reaction to her final look.  

Courtesy of YouTube

“My lips are poppin.’ My eyeliner is poppin.’ My highlight…it’s OK,” she says between claps. “I’ll accept it, because I know I did it with my hand.”

Color us stunned and teach us your ways! 

Although we wouldn’t recommend applying mascara with your hands, this challenge is still a must-see. Watch the magic unfold below:

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