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20 Times We Loved How The Late Nipsey Hussle Was Memorialized On Nails In 2019

The marathon continues in so many creative beauty ways, even down to the fingertips.
20 Times Nipsey Hussle Was Memorialized On Nails In 2019

Nipsey Hussle’s death was a massive shock and a great loss to the community. He didn’t only touch the hip hop world, he embodied the spirit of giving back, building and empowering. He touched all of us.

So it’s no surprise that the late rapper and entrepreneur has been memorialized (and continues to be) in so many unique ways. For artists who use canvas or paint, re-creating his portrait on walls, in murals and in homes and businesses has become a go-to. But when it comes to beauty, having Nipsey at one’s fingertips has become common.

Nail techs across the country have paid homage to Nipsey with sets that include his face, his lyrics and the now famous shade of blue that honors him. Pantone might have gone with classic blue for 2020, but Nipsey Blue is the color of choice for lovers of the late artist. As we look forward to more in 2020, check out these nails that paid tribute to his work and his message in 2019.