Now we’re all family here right? We can talk about everything from the best boots for fall to underarm care, no?

I hope so, because I’m about to divulge anyway.

So Queens, the latest product that has my attention is The Healing Place Apothecary’s ‘Pit Scrub‘ via Blk + Grn.

As a newly converted natural deodorant user who’s trying so hard to stay on board, I’ve been looking for a product that’ll help me get rid of the toxins left over from my old deodorants. This pit scrub caught my eye because it claims to promote “clear, soft and smooth underarms, feet and even bikini lines.” Sold.

Made with organic sugar, walnut shell, shea butter, aloe vera, tea tree essential oil, sweet basil essential oil and more natural goodies, the 5-star rated scrub is said to not only help with smooth skin but gets rid of bacteria and promotes a pleasant smell.

Users gush over how this $20 formula detoxifies and cleanses without leaving any oily residue — which tbh sounds like my type of party.

I’m convinced that I need this in my life and if you are too, shop below!