6 Things We Learned About Naomi Campbell From Her Viral Video With Jackie Aina

The beauty world combusted when supermodel Naomi Campbell and beauty influencer and advocate Jackie Aina both shared airtime on each of their YouTube channels.

The duo each filmed a “Get Ready With Me” video in which Campbell answered questions from Aina while applying her makeup. It was full of beauty tips, good vibes and Black girl magic!

Here are six things we learned about Campbell from the interview:

1. Naomi Doesn’t Spend Long On Her Makeup

Naomi warned Aina that she only takes 10 minutes to do her makeup — something she proved in the both their videos. While Jackie was still applying foundation and powder, Naomi had quickly moved on to doing her eye makeup.

2. She Isn’t Good At Doing Her Brows

“As long as my eyebrows are done by that one and only Anastasia — she’s the only person I let touch my eyebrows in the world — as long they’re done, then I can do the other stuff,” Naomi said, referring to Anastasia Soare, founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills.

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3. She Uses Makeup Sparingly

Although Naomi is used to getting fully glammed up, she is a minimalist when it comes to its application.

“I don’t like to wear makeup on my forehead when I’m doing my makeup. Then I really feel like I’ve got a lot of makeup on.”

4. She Casually Hangs Out With The Carters

Both videos appear to have been filmed around Halloween. And when Jackie asked Naomi where she would be going to celebrate the holiday, Naomi casually named dropped “Jay and Bey” so smoothly that we almost missed she was talking about Jay-Z and Beyonce. Slight flex from a queen!

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5. She Hardly Wears Sunscreen

It’s very clear that Naomi’s skin in poppin’ (thought she refused to share her beauty routine?!). But when she admitted that she only wears sunscreen on her lips, we had to squint our eyes a little.

“Oh my god, we need to talk,” Jackie responded.

6. Her Skin Is At Its Best When In Africa

Naomi admitted that she loves how her skin glows when she is on the continent, which she has visited many times.