On February 22, 2022, Namesake Skincare, a new Black-owned skincare company created with Black and Brown skin in mind, made its debut in the beauty market. The dermatologist-backed brand was created to celebrate and enhance the natural beauty of all skin types.

Founded by Davlyn Mosley, a true skincare enthusiast with first-hand experience and education from her mother, dermatologist Dr. Lynn McKinley-Grant; the brand is rooted in medically sourced products, family skincare routines, and knowledge.

“I started Namesake to showcase the uniqueness of melanated skin and to create trustworthy, effective skincare essentials that tackle issues that are most common in skin of color. Namesake is inspired by my mom who is aboard-certified dermatologist and the expert behind our formulas,” says Mosley. 

According to Mosley, Namesake is the answer to all of the problems that may arise for people with darker complexions who are looking for fresh and improved products that work effectively by providing necessary ingredients that are soft on the skin. Their first product to launch on the market is the dermatologist-tested moisturizer.

The Namesake Daily Moisturizer exfoliates gently while also helping to plump, brighten, and even out the skin tone. Working to highlight clinically proven components like PHAs that gently exfoliate the face for a smoother, brighter complexion. Rosehip oil soothes the skin by acting as an anti-inflammatory. To refine skin texture, enhance the skin barrier, and minimize hyperpigmentation in conjunction with Butterfly Bush.

“It took almost two years to perfect/finish the Namesake Daily Moisturizer because it was critical to creating a product that included powerful, clinically tested ingredients at levels that wouldn’t cause irritation while still helping to refine skin texture and do what they say they’re going to do,” says Namesake Skincare Dermatologist Dr. Lynn McKinley-Grant.

Namesake Daily Moisturizer will be available for $60 on NamesakeSkincare.com 


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