Tiffany M. Battle’s Nails Are What Hand Goals Are Made Of

Style guru Tiffany M. Battle rarely gets it wrong. We would say never but it seems too hyperbolic. But you’d be hard pressed to find a social media moment where the chemical engineer turned style influencer doesn’t look absolutely stunning. The Werk! Place founder’s Instagram photos have the visual appeal of a fashion editorial spread. And her life looks like a fun adventure that we all want to have.

Not coincidentally, even simple photos of her hands are just as beautiful to look at. Her manicures are what hand goals are made of. She credits nail artists Mai Flores-Reyes, Kesang Gurung, Evelyn Lim, and Cyn for some of our favorite manis she’s worn recently. From Picasso-like art to plays on negative space, they’re always interesting and stylish. She even stages her nail shots in the most fashionable way. Nail techs take note.

And even when the focus isn’t on her hands it’s hard not to notice the tiny eclectic designs making a big impact on her overall look.

Check out some of our favorite Tiffany Battle nail moments below.

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