The Perfect Holiday Mani is Metallic and Super High-Fashion

Fashion week veteran and nail artist to the stars, Miss Pop, has been wowing us with her nails artistry skills for quite some time. Recently, that nail aficionado launched her own collection of nail stickers, making the season’s hottest trend easy for you to do at home. 

If nail art isn’t your forte her collection of nail stencils and decals were designed with you in mind. If you’re a novice in the world of nail art, then they sport and chic graphic designs are perfect introduction to crazed minimalist trend. From metallic and holographic half-moons and graphic lines to bold stripes, priced from $8-$16 for a collection of 50, these Miss POP x Tattify collections are sure to be your newest nail addiction. And, if you’re pressed for time and can’t paint your full set, add a graphic stripe to your ring fingers and top your other fingers with a high shine topcoat for a quick and easy salon-worthy manicure.

Miss Pop x Tattify collection, $8-$16 available at

Miss POP