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Like red lipstick and the little black dress, a french manicure is classic and timeless. However, that doesn’t mean it’s exempt from an upgrade.

Thanks to the constant influx of new innovations and inventive designs created by nail artists, it’s almost impossible to not be inspired. If you’re headed back to school, prepping for a big event or simply want to switch up your mani game, prepare to be obsessed with this rainbow french manicure.

CLAWS Key Nail Stylist Gracie J. used Floss Gloss lacquers, a matte top coat and handy liner brush (which you can pick up at your local beauty supply) to create a look that’s uniform, but still leaves room for versatility. If you’re using five different colors, switch up the color order on each hand.

For instance, if you’re rocking red on your right index finger, consider using the red shade on a different finger once you’ve moved to the left side. The best part is that you don’t need a pro to pull this off. Don’t believe us? Press play above and watch for yourself.