How To D.I.Y. Your Own Nail Polish Shade

Making your own nail polish shade isn’t a tough as you may think. If you have a few bottles of polish lying around that don’t have enough product to paint all ten of your fingers, or that you simply don’t like, consider combining a few shades to create a custom shade just for you. Londontown manicurist and Fashion week veteran, Geraldine Holford, shares her tips on how to recycle those nail polishes you’re not so crazy about and turn them into your own custom shade that was made just for you—literally. 

What You Need:

  • 1 sheet of aluminum foil
  • 1 Nail polish to serve as a base color
  • 1+ Nail polishes to blend

Creating Your Custom Blend:

Holdford recommends that you mix the nail polish on a piece of foil because it “keeps the polish fresh and makes it easy to paint and clean up.” Pick a base shade (we recommend a neutral pinks, blues, greys, taupes and whites) and use other colors to pull the color in the direction that you want it to go. She also recommends that you “try to blend polishes from the same brand or with similar formulas so polish doesn’t get temperamental (texturally unpredictable).”

Color Combinations to Try:

  • Green/Purple
  • Pink /Grey
  • Jewel tones/Glitter
  • Rich classic colors/Shimmer top coat

For a twist on a classic pink polish, Holford recommends mixing a dusty rose shade with white and a drop of black for a polish that’s a little retro, but super chic.

Have you ever created a custom nail color? Share your photos and comment below!