15 Black Owned Nail Polish Brands You Need In Your Life
JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images

Nail polishes come in all different tones, shade ranges and color selections, and for good reason! The nails are often the unspoken accessory of any outfit, and need to be just as poppin’ as any other aspect of your outfit.

When it comes to nails, Black women have always been the connoisseurs of creating edgy, stylish and creative nail art. Although nail care companies have historically been dominated by the Asian community, Black women are beginning to break barriers and create companies in a industry they’ve been pumping money into for years.

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Creating a color range and changing the nail art game seems to be a new goal for African American entrepreneurs as a growing onslaught of Black-owned nail polish brands continue to pop up on the market. Check out these Black owned businesses to support the next time you are on your way to a mani-pedi appointment.