20 Holiday Manis We're Dying To Rock this Season

Gorgeous nail inspiration for the ultimate Christmahanukwanzaa—whatever you celebrate—mani!

Virginia Lowman Dec, 07, 2015

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Change up your french mani and opt for dark tips with a metallic base.

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If you're obsessed with Van Gogh's "Starry Night", then you'll love this impressionist holiday mani with pops of gold, green and red. 

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Step into the new year with a manicure that's as awesome as your 2016 is certain to be. Top your nails with a reflective foil for a look with new world vibes.

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Tone down a foil mani by painting your tips with a neutral hue. For an extra edge, stay away from congruity and make your tips a little messy. 

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Tired of the usual red and green manicures you see around Christmas? Ditch the drab for something fab like this magenta and gold mani.

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Nail art wasn't made for rules. If you can't decide between two colors, use them both! Start by prepping your nails with a base coat and follow it by creative graphic shapes with the two colors of your chose. Leave a bit of your natural nail showing for an added surprise.

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Choose a few of your favorite colors and accent your nails with graphic shapes.

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Spice up a basic manicure with a few graphic accents in different hues. If you're feeling artsy, only paint one hand.

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Amp up a cream mani with a graphic stripe down the center of your ring nail.

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For the most luxe mani at your office holiday party, top your nails with bronze and gold.

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We're all about an asymmetrical manicure. Paint one hand red and the other hand cream, then add criss-cross stripes in contrasting colors.

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Glitter makes everything better; especially during the holidays. For a more sophisticated manicure, opt for a polish with a fine shimmer.

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Still a fan of traditional nail art? Ask your go-to manicurist for something 3-D. This almond-shaped gift box design is perfect for December.

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If you're not a fan of bells and whistles but you still want something fresh and chic, matte nail polish never disappoints.

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White nails get a fresh update with a hint of sparkle and an almond shape.

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Up the ante on a neutral mani with a few metallic foil stripes.

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Get creative with your negative space mani and opt for soft lines like swirls. Symmetry is so last year!

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Not a fan of contemporary nail art just yet? Stick with what you know. We love a good Christmas wreath on our nails eveny now and then, too! 

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Let your nail art reach new heights by painting lengthening angles down the center of each nail. Use different colors on each hand for an added touch of edge.

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Play with shapes and metallics or soft hues for a look that chic and super casual-cool.