My Social Media Beauty Pick Of The Weekend
Jolaoso Wasiu Adebayo via Instagram/@orangecultureng

Every weekend as I’m scrolling through my feed and Insta-stalking the celebrities and influencers that I fangirl for, I come across something interesting and inspiring in the beauty space. From jaw-dropping transformations to drool-inducing hair, there’s always something that I can’t stop staring at or watching, and it instantly garners a double-tap.

On October 24 Nigerian-based brand Orange Culture held its spring/summer 2020 show during Lagos Fashion Week in the capital of Nigeria. Founded by Adebayo Oke-Lawal, the brand made its debut at Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2011. With its colorful prints rooted in West African culture, and its adoption of streetwear elements, it hasn’t stopped impressing fans since.

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But this season it was the runway beauty that gave me all the feels, making me want to step up my game with the beads and jewels. Their creative use of gemstones as freckles, mixed with hair beads and beads on hats was exciting without being over the top. The right amount of freckles, and the right color beads allowed the look to be bright and fun without being too much. Even if you wouldn’t wear the two together on a random day, they could be worn separately to give a lewk at any occasion.


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