MUST WATCH: This Video Of A 6-Year-Old Giving Her Mother A Makeover Is Heart Warming

If you’re not gushing over the video of little Ar’miah giving her mother the full four star salon treatment, then your screen must be broken. She’s getting her mother’s entire look together with a full face beat, and hair overhaul, and it’s absolutely darling.

According to her Instagram page, the 6-year-old has been diagnosed with Optic nerve hypoplasia (ONH), Nystagmus and is vision impaired. But she’s not claiming it, and she loves to be pampered and get into her beauty. On her Youtube page she shares experiences like getting her nails done and getting her ears pierced. Her spirit, and the spirit of her mother, are evidence that if you just be beautifully you, you will win. Based on the comments in the post, folks are #teamarmiah all day.

You can purchase Ar’miah’s book Say Your Prayers, Never Give Up & Keep Pushing, $10, and other apparel at her online store.

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