The Most Popular Moisturizers For Fall, According To Polyvore 

This article originally appeared on InStyle.

While you definitely don’t need to do a complete overhaul of your top shelf, sometimes the change of seasons call for a few product switches in your everyday routine—namely, your moisturizer. In the summer, you might opt for lightweight, oil-free, and sheer formulas, but when sweater weather kicks in, something a tad more hydrating might be needed. And if you need some suggestions, Polyvore users have your back.

The site has released data on the three most popular moisturizers, and the results were not what we were expected at all. Nonetheless, they’ll still send you straight to Sephora.

Despite what you might be thinking, first prize didn’t go to a CeraVe or a Cetaphil product.

The winner in Polyvore users’ eyes is the NARS Luminous Moisture Cream ($64;, a formula made with hyaluronic acid and mono oil that leaves behind a glowy finish. As for number two, the Internet is loving Youth to the People’s superfood-rich Age Prevention Cream ($48;, which is infused with kale and spinach, like your favorite salad. Third? Things get luxe with the blurring Yves Saint Laurent Instant Moisture Glow ($40;

You can shop all three of the top buys below.