A Few Fellas Attempt To Create ‘On Fleek’ Eyebrows And The Results Will Make You Giggle

The phrase “eyebrows on fleek” has become a permanent part of pop culture, as well as the gold standard when it comes to the look of our own brows. However, if you leave the styling of your brows in the hands of someone else — namely a group of guys who have no clue what they’re doing — the results can be pretty horrifying or hilarious. 

That was exactly what happened when the folks over at Mayvenn, one of our favorite luxury hair extension companies challenged three gentleman to draw eyebrows on a model that are worthy of being deemed “on fleek.” 
As you can see the process was a little tricky, but at least a few of the fellas seemed to do a halfway decent job. We were definitely worried when one of the guys referenced NBA player Anthony Davis, who is also known for his unibrow. Eek! 

Take a look at the video and let us know how you think they did in the comments section below. 

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