Megan Thee Stallion Drops A Word About True Beauty
Courtesy of Revlon

Despite what some might think, Megan Thee Stallion is having a good month. A savage (in the best way) and a fighter, the rapper is currently embarking on big things, never letting a hiccup take her off her path.

This month she’s celebrating a new role as global ambassador for Revlon, as well as the successful debut of “WAP,” the single she just dropped with fellow rapper Cardi B that has everyone talking.

ESSENCE caught up with the hot girl to talk about her new partnership with the beauty giant, the message she hopes to spread while in the new role and some of her favorite personal beauty moments.

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ESSENCE: When you started to embark on your music career, did you ever think that partnerships and relationships with a top beauty brand like Revlon would be in the cards?

Megan Thee Stallion: Honestly, I’ve just been focusing on putting out the best music I can, making sure I’m on top of my game and that I am making my hotties proud, but y’all know I love doing my makeup and being able to bring all my worlds together and incorporate everything I love, so working with Revlon is dope. I’ve loved Revlon products for a long time and the brand’s heritage is amazing. They work with people who encourage others to unapologetically live their truth, so it’s only right they called Thee Hot Girl Coach! 

As the global ambassador for the brand, what do you want communities around the world to know about beauty?

I want people to know that beauty is internal—everyone is beautiful. And makeup is a fun way to express individuality. 

In the past five years we’ve seen more diversity in the beauty space, but we know there’s still so much work to be done. How does this ambassador role with Revlon speak to that?

A big reason I’m in love with Revlon is their history. Did you know they were the first cosmetics company to feature women of color as models in their ads? I’m so excited to be able to continue their work championing real diversity and bringing inspiration to the hotties who look just like me, and those who don’t too.

Megan Thee Stallion Drops A Word About True Beauty

You’ve become well known for always having your face beat and your hair done. When you’re just relaxing, what beauty products do you go without, and what products do you still have to have?

As much as I love being out here in full face, it’s real important for me to let my skin breathe and go a little more natural. If I’m looking to keep it light, I’ll use a high SPF moisturizer first thing in the morning with a little primer to give myself that glow, then maybe some light liner and clear gloss to keep my eyes and lips poppin’.

What is one of your most savagely dope beauty looks that you’ve worn so far?

I think one of the best things about makeup is that you can transform yourself into whatever you want to be on that day. And y’all know I love my anime, so I worked with the makeup artist Alissa Zinnerman to transform myself into Todoroki, a character from one of the best anime shows, My Hero Academia. The shoot was for the cover of PAPER magazine and just turning myself into Todoroki really helped me become the character and own that s–t. I took the distinctive mark on his face and put my own spin on it, adding a sharp cat eye and some dramatic, glossy lips. Now the hotties have started calling me Todoroki Tina.