9 Products That Keep Your Oily Summer Skin Under Control

This article originally appeared on InStyle.

When your mid-day shine isn’t the product of the new highlighter or radiant-finish concealer you picked up on your last Sephora haul, it’s time to step-up your defense against your skin’s overactive oil glands.

If your complexion is already oily during the year’s other three seasons, summer can be especially brutal. Hyper oil glands thrive in the heat and humidity so you’re constantly battling with facial grease up until the first day of fall.

Including mattifying and oil-control products in your skincare routine is one half of keeping your complexion from looking like it has its own reflection, while the other is having quick-fix touch-up products on hand.

Here, we’ve rounded up nine ways you can keep greasy summer skin under control for the rest of the season.


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