Since spring has (officially) arrived, we should be thankful March was not overly cold and offered enough sunshine for us to enjoy the blooming flowers. In addition to the beautiful spring weather, we celebrated Women’s History Month by honoring the many women who have made a positive impact on their families, communities, their country, and the world over.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing a woman can’t accomplish, and we love to see it! We lift our glasses and toast to the brilliance that are Black women. Whether she’s sharing her exceptional abilities with the world, like the honorees at our 2022 Essence’s Black Women in Hollywood, or the beauty bosses who wake up every day and help make the world more beautiful, advancing beauty with her innovative products.

As we continue to work and make the world a better place by developing our beauty within, we can also show just how beautiful we feel with an amazing self-care regimen that takes care of our mind, body, and soul. Looking good and feeling good has a way of putting a smile on anyone’s face. Be careful because a smile can be contagious!

Ahead, you’ll find our March beauty launch list that includes a few women-owned products developed with us girls in mind. From stylish press-on nails to give our hands some flair to overnight skin creams that leave our skin feeling tight, we have everything you need to make your spring transition so satisfying!