You know the scene: You’re out with friends having a good time when you realize it’s time for a quick lipstick refresher. You head to the bathroom, pull out your small handbag only to discover you left your favorite lippie at home because it didn’t quite fit inside the bag. You dig at the bottom of the handbag and find an old lipstick you haven’t worn in month. You put it on, but you’re not satisfied.

New York City based celebrity makeup artist, Monifa Mortis knows that feeling a little too well, in fact that’s why she founded Glam Kitti, a cosmetic case designed specifically for the purpose of carrying only a sample-sized amount of makeup.

Glam Kitti is perfect for a girls’ night out— it holds up to seven cosmetics in a biodegradable case and it’s reusable. Simply wipe it clean and reuse it over and over again.

Try it, let us know what you think and how it’s fitting into your beauty routine.