Beauty Vlogger Recreates Rihanna’s Black Girls Rock Look For Dark Skin Girls

If weren’t already aware of Rihanna’s epic speech, impeccable outfit, flawless hair and seriously gorgeous makeup at Black Girls Rock, then you’re late to the party. Obviously, Rihanna is no stranger to slaying a red carpet or a stage, but for beauty girls whose skin is of a richer hue, those covet-worthy beauty looks that RiRi sports don’t always translate well on chocolate and ebony skin tones. Lucky for us, popular beauty vlogger, Jackie Aina recreated the look on her YouTube channel and the results are definitely red-carpet worthy–and, surprisingly simple to re-create on yourself at home.

With a following of over 250K followers on Instagram, more than 700K subscribers on YouTube and over 43 million views, Jackie Aina is a bonafide beauty guru and definitely someone worth listening to when it comes to all things makeup. So, if you’re looking for a gorgeous look to flaunt this weekend with the girls or dinner with bae, Jackie (and RiRi) have you covered!

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